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About WTDT (East Anglia)

WAGGING TAILS Dog Training (East Anglia) was founded by Vera Marney in 2014 who has also been running her dog training school in South London for 20 years (www.wtdt.co.uk). After moving to Norfolk, she is keen to follow the same path again in East Anglia and establish a new training school following the same principles of positive reward based training for dogs of all breeds and ages.

Vera Marney has over 30 years of training experience having joined her first club at 14 years old. She has a degree in Canine Behaviour and Training and is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (www.apdt.co.uk) as well as a full member of the Pet Professional Guild (www.petprofessionalguild.com).  


Vera is also an approved trainer for Dog A.I.D. helping owners train their own assistance dogs via the Dog A.I.D. Charity.

About Vera Marney

Vera has currently got four dogs:


Skye, 10 years old, is a rescue Cocker Spaniel (show type x working type) used to do competitive obedience and agility, but due to a chronic pain condition had to give up both. Now we just do some general training which also includes some gundog work, which she loves.


Blake, a 7-year old rescue saluki x greyhound, who loves his competitive obedience training. We are also looking into lure coursing hopefully this year.


Logan, a 5-year old rescue American Cocker Spaniel, who loves everything and anything we do together. We are training in agility and competitive obedience and will start competing in both this year.  


Elijah, a 1-year old rescue  Saluki Lurcher, who is just a baby, but who loves competitive obedience and trick training.

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