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The perfect Group for elderly or special needs Pups to spend quality time

Do you have an older dog of 10 years or more (or 8 years for Giants) or does your dog have physical limitations, but you would like him to stay physically and mentally active? Would you like your dog to go to a weekly session just to have fun and meet friends? Our Oldies and Wonkies Group will be just what your pup is looking for. 

What is the Oldies and Wonkies Group

Skye, 13-year old red cocker spaniel

A few years ago, my Saluki Flash was getting older, but he still loved training and activities. His physical needs however changed and normal classes weren't suitable anymore. So I decided to created a class just for him and others like him. So the Oldies Group was born. A little later on, there were the occasional younger dogs that due to physical (or mental) limitations couldn't join normal classes, so the name was expanded to Oldies and Wonkies

Older dogs that are at least 10 years old can join, for giant breeds a little younger is fine too. Previous training experience isn't necessary at all as this class isn't about that. The only requirement is that your pup is ok to be around other dogs and people, that's all! 

What happens in our Oldies and Wonkies Group

In this Group, the only things we are interested in are the pups (and owners) getting some appropriate physical and mental stimulation and socialisation whilst having fun to improve their quality (and perhaps length) of life. A big part in this Group is scentwork as even an old nose still works great and using it is so satisfying and enjoyable for them. It's usually their favourite activity. We also include some very gentle physio exercises, adapted agility, hoopers and trick training. The key thing is that they only do what they want and are capable to do, it is the most easy-going and laid-back class ever for both the dogs and owners. No expectations are put upon anyone and it is all purely about enjoying themselves, not about results. 


Vera Marney, WTDT Owner and Instructor, has had several Oldies and indeed Wonkies over the years, so understands the needs of elderly and physically limited dogs very well. She has also completed the CAMADVOCATE Level 1 course which is a comprehensive overview of canine arthritis for canine professionals (RACE approved) so Vera has an exceptional understanding of arthritis and chronic pain issues in general which are usually an issue in elderly dogs. 

Elderly Leonberger

When, where and how

WHEN: Thursday evenings at 6 pm

WHERE: Blo' Norton Village Hall

HOW: Weekly sessions, pay-as-you-go, £9/session

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